002 – Riley Stalnaker

Riley, a 22-year-old mama to baby Beckham, owns and operates Grow With The Flow, a small business in North Florida specialising in tropical and rare houseplants, as well as handmade moss poles. She also runs a blog where she shares a wide range of information, including plant care tips, products, lifestyle content, and recipe blogs.

She mainly sells and collects tropical foliage aroids, particularly philodendrons (including monsteras), alocasias, and anthuriums (which she’s become obsessed with).

Riley and her husband kindled their shared passion for gardening and plants in 2019, but it was during the lockdown in 2020 when they actively started collecting. What began with just a few plants quickly blossomed into a collection of over fifty and it’s continued to be a passion they enjoy together. When Riley began to see the results that moss poles can have on houseplants, it fueled her desire to turn their small apartment into a jungle (to great success!).

You can find Riley on Instagram: @itsbabyri and @growwtheflowco

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On the right: Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma (Mini Monstera)
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Ficus Tineke (Rubber Plant)
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Alocasia macrorrhiza
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Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma (Mini Monstera)


What piece of advice has been a game changer in caring for your house plants?

I think the best piece of advice I have for house plants is to be PATIENT. The plants we share our homes with are living things and should be given patience and nurturing. I think a lot of the time new collectors see a yellow leaf or minor cosmetic damage and fear their plants are dying when in reality they are just adapting. Acclimation is KEY. Sometimes plants will suffer and look sad before perking up and taking off.

What are some tips for creating a beautiful space without breaking the bank?

There are so many ways to create a beautiful space with houseplants without breaking the bank. To start there are many groups on Facebook where people will happily swap swap seeds, plants and cuttings. As well as this, it should be noted that people in the plant community are very caring and love to give whether it’s advice or cuttings or even plants. A lot of the plants that I have in my collection I was gifted or I traded for.

Alright, give us your plant space hot take!

You don’t need a bunch of plants or a bunch of “rare” or “variegated” plants to create a beautiful space in your home. Even the most common plant species are beautiful and stunning, and can be appreciated greatly.

What items should people consider adding to their wish list?

MOSS POLES! I can’t recommend them enough!!
I also LOVE keiki cloning paste. I have blog articles on these and more 🙂