003 – Ornella Gargano

Ornella is an Italian living in London. She is married to a South African man and is a proud mother to Ginger the cat. Her passion for plants developed during the lockdown, and from starting with just one plant, she’s expertly integrated 40 of them into her 50m² flat!

She admits to her fair share of houseplant casualties along the way, but having found the right way to care for them, her plants have become her babies and she finds great satisfaction in watching them thrive and grow.

Find Ornella on Instagram: @small.space.decor

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Peace Lily, “Ginger” the cat, Snake Plant.
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Strelitzia Nicolai (Bird of Paradise).
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Monstera, Snake Plant, Corn Plant.
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What do you look for when purchasing a new plant?

When buying new plants be very careful of bugs. You don’t want to bring an infested plant close to the ones that you already have! Trust me!

Can you recommend any resources that will inspire us on our plant journey?

The Beards & Daisies Instagram page!

What items should people consider adding to their wish list?

A soil moisture meter, 100%.

How do you go about finding and selecting plant pots for your space?

I’m constantly moving plants from one pot to another; whichever plant is looking better than the other deserves the best pot 😅😅
The pots that I use are all co-ordinated with my decor (blue cushions blue pot/ green blanket green pot etc.) to create harmony in the flat!